Ayer Talks Up Original “Suicide Squad”

Ayer Talks Up Original "Suicide Squad"

Warner Bros. Pictures made it clear the other week with CEO Ann Sarnoff saying straight up there are no plans to do with David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” what they did with “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” and allow the helmer to “restore his original vision”.

2016’s “Suicide Squad” saw the film go through a change of tone in the wake of the underwhelming response to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – one that saw the movie re-edited heavily by a trailer-cutting company and snagging some of the worst reviews of all the DC films in the process.

In a new interview with EW, Ayer has spoken about his ‘Ayer Cut’ of the film and still thinks Warners could please the fans by allowing him to release his original and darker version of the film – one that he doesn’t think will take away from James Gunn’s semi-sequel and semi-reboot “The Suicide Squad”:

“I think the studios see now that there can be canon, there can be non-canon, the fans just want to touch it. They love the characters, they just want to spend more time with it. And people are way more sophisticated about how movies are made and want to be participants in the journey.

There’s room for different things, different versions, different assets being shared with the audience. I think it just helps strengthen the community. But absolute credit to Warner Bros. for supporting Zack and having the courage to explore that.

I get it, it’s a business. It’s frustrating because I made a really heartfelt drama and it got ripped to pieces and they tried to turn it into ‘Deadpool,’ which it just wasn’t supposed to be. And then you take the hit, you’re the captain of the ship, my name was on it. [Laughs] Even though it didn’t represent what I actually made, I would take all the bullets and be a good soldier. I made an amazing movie. It’s an amazing movie, it just scared the s–t out of the executives.”

Warners is still being bombarded with the #RestoreTheSnyderverse social media campaign in the wake of the release of the SnyderCut, and that release has sparked larger conversations about good and bad of fandom, and the possibility of other films with troubled production histories and flawed final cuts getting ‘restored’.

In related news, Warners has released two TV spots for Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” while the Honest Trailers gang have tackled “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”. You can check out those clips below:

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