Godzilla vs. Kong Ending Explained

Godzilla vs. Kong Ending Explained

At the same time, Lind and Andrews arrive and are able to revive Kong with the help of Jia (Kaylee Hottle), a young orphan who has a bond with Kong, and Jia persuades the ape to help Godzilla battle Mechagodzilla.

“It felt essential to have a third thing,” says Borenstein about having Godzilla and Kong team up against Mechagodzilla. “Round one goes to Godzilla, and round two goes to Kong. The question is in round three, rather than having one or the other win, how can we have the two of them develop a grudging respect for one another and go up against the third thing? Mechagodzilla felt like this perfect route into that.”

At first Mechagodzilla proves even too powerful for the combined force of the two former enemies, but thanks to Josh and Bernie briefly short-circuiting the robot’s control panel with a handy flask of liquor that Bernie always carries around, they buy just enough time for Godzilla and Kong to launch another assault. This time Godzilla fires up Kong’s axe with his breath, and the ape smashes Mechagodzilla to pieces with one mighty swing after another, finally ripping off its head and ending the threat.

“Neither Godzilla nor Kong were ever going to lose,” says Borenstein when we ask if there was ever a version where one of the two stars didn’t walk away. “There were different moments of how far we took it in terms of Kong taking a beating, but the two of them were always going to gang back up and work together.”

Godzilla vs. Kong
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During the film’s closing scenes, Godzilla and Kong essentially call a truce, and Godzilla swims back into the ocean. He leaves Kong free to return to Hollow Earth, where the last we see of him, he’s ruling over the underground world with as much benevolence as a giant gorilla can muster.

As the ending of the film hints–echoing a theme that has run through all four films in the MonsterVerse–humankind is simply powerless in the face of the Titans, and any attempts to create our own defense, such as Mechagodzilla, is likely to blow up in our faces due to our hubris.

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